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The Integrated Rural Arts and Industry department seeks to develop and support creative businesses in the visual arts, crafts and public art sectors across. The department provides a range of specialist training, mentoring, advice, information and marketing services from a wide range of visual art sources. Our department aims at generating and supporting a broad range of arts activities and events and also to develop arts practitioners and organizations.

Over the years our department had produced action plans to bring government and industry together to develop this sectors in order to achieve social and economic change due to the involvement of a large Ghanaian populace in the arts Industry. The department provides practical advice to businesses in the area and support to individuals and businesses working, or looking to work, in the creative sector. Through practical advice and support on training and development, grants and business networking, as well as marketing and communications, collaboration, better develop supply chains, increase productivity and innovation with the application of new techniques and create greater regional strength in the rural arts industry.

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