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Admission Requirements:

a)      Applicants must have a first degree in Integrated Rural Art and Industry preferably a First Class or Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or a first degree in a closely related field. Applicants with Postgraduate Diploma in Integrated Art will be admitted to the Second Year of the Masters Degree programme.  Candidates with a second class lower division and considerable relevant professional experience may also apply.

b)    Applicants must be successful at an interview and assessment of portfolio in the areas of research.


Areas of Specilisation:

  • Fibres and Fabrics Technology,
  • Leather Technology,
  • Clay and Earthenware Technology,
  • Woodworking Technology,
  • Metals Fabrication Technology,
  • Bamboo and Rattan Technology and
  • Product Design Technology.

c)    Study in Product Design Technology is equally available to candidates with good first degree in relevant design based programmes, such as; Graphic Communication, Painting, Architecture, Computer Science and Engineering.