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Dr. Rudolf Steiner

1. Dr. Rudolf Steiner: Biological Preservation of sympodial Bamboo using Neem extracts in a Black Body Radiative Trough This research seeks to adopt neem leaves for preservatory treatment of sympodial Bamboo using solar energy operating under the Black Body Radiative principle.

2. Dr. Rudolf Steiner: Bamboo Fibre as a complementary material in the teaching and learning of on Loom Fabric Production. This research aims at extracting fibres of sympodial Bamboos like Bambusa Vulgaris, Vulgaris Varvitata and Bambusa Aroniclesea by retting to complement weft yarns in weaving.

Mrs Vesta E. Adu-Gyamfi

1. Attended workshop on the millennium Development Goals And Culture to discuss and define Cultural Framework within which the MDGS can be achieved, and also to prepare a working document for a national workshop at marigold Lodge Kumasi in May 2008.

2. Presented a paper on "Bridging Cultures through the Art and Culture" at Akershause University College, Norway, 6th May 2008.

3. Attended workshop organized by the Ghana Science Association, Kumasi Branch on the topic "Use of Alternative Materials for Durable and Affordable Housing and Construction in Ghana" at the Conference Room, Great Hall, KNUST.

4. Guest Speaker at Takoradi Polytechnic at its Open-Day Celebration on 30th October, 2008, Takoradi The topic was "Art Education in Ghana; Prospects, Challenges and They way Forward: 

5. Mrs. Vesta E. Adu-Gyamfi presented three papers during a workshop organized by CEDEP for Female members of Parliament and the aspiring members of Parliament at La Sab Hotel Kumasi, October 2008; to prepare them for the December 7th 2008 General Election. The topics were:
a. Increasing Women in Politics and decision making.
b. Developing Character.
c. Losing Election What next?

Mr. John Osei Bobie Boahin

Resource Person at a Training workshop for art and craft practitioners, themed `Product Design" at Georgia Hotel, Kumasi, from July 16 19th, 2008.

John Osei Bobie Boahin/Kafui Kwesi Agyeman, were resource persons at a Training Workshop for Art and Craft Practitioners. Theme: "Introduction to 3-D Designing" at Georgia Hotel, Kumasi, from July 16th-19th 2008.

Mr. John Osei Bobie Boahin and Mr. Kafui Kwesi Agyeman, were resource persons at a Training Workshop for Wood Carvers. Theme: "Designing As a Base for Improving on the Use of Alternative Wood Species" at Aburi Industrial Center (A.I.C.), Aburi, 13th 19th October

Training Workshop for Wood Carvers at Aburi Industrial Wood Village. Theme: "Introduction To 3-D Designing For Artisans" at Aburi Industrial Center (A.I.C.), Aburi, 13th 19th October 2008.

Extraction of dyes and colorants from vegetables seeds, tree barks and specific weeds for tanning and dyeing of leather by Mr. John Osei Bobie Boahin


Training Programmes

The Department organized a training programme on art and Craft Production, under the auspices of the National Commission on Culture and the European Union. All the Lecturers in the Department presented papers in the area of specialization. Mr. John Osei Bobie Boahin was the lead consultant, at the Hotel Georgia, Kumasi in October 2008.

The Department of Integrated Rural Art and Industry is making gigantic strides at actualizing its vision, mission, and it is hoped that with commitment hard work and sacrifices the ultimate goal shall be realized.